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10 Km, Half MarathonTrailSan Diego, CA
10 Km, Half MarathonTrailSan Diego, CA
100 Km, 100 kmSolo, 4 x Relay, 2 x RelaySan Diego, CA
5k, 15kRun, BikeTrabuco Canyon, CA
  • About Us

    Why Play.Compete?

    There are many race registration sites out there, so why choose us? First, we beleive in choice. It's great to have a lot of options for event directors to list their race. Second, we don't believe in gouging. Some site will charge you 5-8% per registration and even have limits, minimums, and all kinds of other silly rules. We just ask that you use the site for legal events and activities. And we think that's fair :)

    At Play.Compete, we make it simple. We charge our event directors a low, flat rate 2.2% on all transactions, no matter the size. Event registrants paying via Dwolla pay ZERO fees! Dwolla takes 30 seconds to setup and we will help. If you choose to pay via PayPal or Credit Card, the fee is a low 2.2% It doesn't get much more simple or cheaper than that. We even offer offline registration options if the event director chooses and we do NOT charge a fee for that. We HIGHLY recommend setting up a Dwolla account for use on Play.Complete and other sites. It's cheaper and easier than PayPal and you don't have to use your credit card online EVER when you use Dwolla.

    Cool Add-ons

    We are always looking for cool add-ons to help enhance the site. We try our best to make the information "useful" and not just extra fluff.

    TRUERank is one of those added features. You probably don't think all races are created equal and neither do we. Because of this, a race result for one race may give you a higher or lower rank than a race of the same distance. We also built in a Vo2Max predictor. This is based on distance of race and total time. It's not the most perfect measurement of Vo2Max but gives you a good general idea of where you are at.

    Our Philosophy

    We believe in all events. Big or small, we will work with you. We are in the business to have a business, but more importantly, we are in business for YOU. We don't have a lot of rules on event types, size, minimums, etc. We are here for you!

    At Play.Compete, we also believe in focusing on our core competancy - event registration. We aren't going to rank athletes, predict finish times or do any of that other voodoo magic. We are here to help event directors list their races and collect fees, and to help event registrants with a simple and low cost way to register. This way, we can all focus on what's most important:


    Our internet connected world today lacks privacy in a big way. At Play.Compete, we believe your race results and data are yours. You have control over them and you can choose what people see or don't see. Don't want your name included in public registration page? No problem! Don't want a DNF or a DNS listed? No problem. Don't want ANY of your results to be public? Of course, this is no problem. They are your results. You can choose what happens with them and you can download them at any time if you are a register user.


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    Low FeesLow Fees
    Easy to UseEasy to use
    Hosted ResultsHosted Results
    One Page Add RaceSimple Registration
    Feature your SponsorsSecure Payment
    Promo Codes & CouponsTRUERank
    Registration ReportsVo2Max Predictor
    Customizable RegistrationPrivacy Features

    Play.Compete was founded on the basis of keeping registration fees low, making regisration and adding races, easy, and improving our service throgh customer feedback.

    Thanks to Dwolla integration, regisration is even easier, cheaper AND more secure than credit card processing With Dwolla, you CC is never stored, logged or remembered ANYWHERE because you pay direct from your bank. Simple, easy, and safe.

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